About Us

Born in the woodland



Calisthenics parks was born in the woodland. Having being a tree surgeon all the wood has come from tree’s which we have had to take down. They have then been milled by ourselves with a chainsaw, then sanded and varnished to create our beautiful functional equipment.


The human body is designed to be used, we are meant to run, climb, jump and swing

We live in a world where everybody needs to be wrapped in cotton wool. The thought of the chance of someone hurting themselves makes people run scared. The opportunity to experience new things has been stolen from us by bureaucracy. The human body is designed to be used, we are meant to run, climb, jump and swing.

We are meant to fall, we may bleed, we then heal, we learn, we come back stronger. For us to come back stronger at anything I believe our body must face adversity, whether it be mind or body. If we face a problem with our mind, we work through the problem, come up with a solution and our mind remembers and learns from it. If our muscles are worked hard they tear, we then take on nutrition and rest. Our body then rebuilds our muscles back stronger.

The human body is the most amazing piece of equipment we will ever own, the natural high that is achieved when the body has successfully done something that you have been working at for months is astonishing. What is the pinnacle of it all is that it cannot be given, it cannot be bought, it cannot be won. It can only be earnt. This mind-set carries through life with us.

On life’s little colour chart some gyms could be classed as vanilla, you may go into 100 gyms across the country and experience the same. A few cardio machines, some weight machines, a small free weights section and even possibly a bunch of people that don’t acknowledge each other. After 10 years of vanilla I wanted something new.

Imagine looking forward to training all the time, imagine walking into a building and instantly being immersed into the atmosphere. Walking into a family, this is Calisthenics Parks.

Your achievements deserve to be acknowledged.



We are going to have a few set challenges to be announced over time. This is something we class very serious and have put a lot of thought into. We will use our very first challenge as an example. The 10 muscle up challenge. If a member can execute 10 clean muscle ups without pause they will complete the challenge and your achievement will be permanently remembered and celebrated. In the gym we will have a full oak plank mounted onto the wall, one for each challenge. Engraved into the top will read “10 muscle up Challenge” Under this we will engrave your name and the date of the achievement. We will then invite you to sign your name into the given space and that will also be engraved into the plank. Forever on show. The personal side is important to us, we will be a community, a family. Your achievements deserve to be acknowledged.

Nutrition is key



We believe very strongly in good food and nutrition. This is our very first step on the ladder yet we want to be different. We will stock a range of supplements and will be able to provide you with the basic protein shakes if that is what you would like. We also aim to go one step further and offer a range of bespoke smoothies. We will hold a constant supply of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and butters and oils. We are still in the very early stages but we aim to create smoothies incorporating supplements, fresh and frozen produce to aid in helping you reach your individual needs and goals. There will be nuts and seeds constantly in the gym, our nutrabullets will have had nuts through them. Any person with a nut allergy needs to be aware of this fact before entering the gym.

Children from the age of 5 upwards are welcome



We have a family, our children absolutely love playing on the equipment and are getting really good at it. We wholeheartedly encourage them to have a go. Its great exercise, boosts their confidence and are getting extremely good at it, plus they love it. Through careful thought out management children will get to exercise within our facility under the constant supervision and responsibility of their parents. There is risk in everything we do in life and there is certainly risk in swinging around our equipment. By placing fitted specially designed crash matting around the bases of our equipment it could be classed its safer than a child playing in a park. Children from the age of 5 upwards will only be allowed to use our facilities alongside a parent or guardian who has paid entry. Children’s dedicated classes and Academy are suitable for children aged 7 upwards.


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